Wondering how your product will make it to the shelf and become a top seller?

You’ re stuck at the moment? You are totally convinced of your product idea, but retailers don’t want to list your product, and the sales figures are behind your expectations? The success of your start-up is a long time coming?
You are not alone in this! It is not uncommon for products to be developed past the market. The good news: There is something you can do about it.
Food product consultant – Leo Beese
Product management

I show you how to make your product ready for the market.

Imagine your product has made it onto the shelves. The number of thrilled customers is growing steadily, and so are your sales figures.
My consulting is aimed at ambitious founders, start-ups or food companies who want to optimise new or existing products efficiently, with practical tools and without a large market researchbudget – always with the goal of achieving better success and sales at the PoS in mind.
After the four strategy days, you will be an expert on your own target group and market. You know exactly what your customers want and what problems they have, and you know how to position your product so that your customers love it and will buy it again. Now you have the basics in place so that the sales department can successfully sell your product in the retail trade.

Marion Reiners


“A completely new product, clear USP and a marketing message that will convince.”

We booked Leo’s Food Product Strategy Days and were thrilled. Due to his advice, we were able to sharpen our USP and have developed a new product that accurately conveys our social vision. His approach to market analysis with a focus group was particularly helpful. This gave us incredibly valuable feedback for our product and marketing.

I didn’t expect that Leo’s advice, in addition to the results, would give us such a motivational boost.

Marion Reiners, Social Entrepreneur, rettet-omas-lieblingsrezepte.de

After the four food-product

strategy-days you will know …

point of sale

the best point of sale

Organic specialised trade, food retail, discounter or drugstore.. The list of possible sales locations is long and growing. After a precise analysis of the target group and the market, you will know where to find the best place to sell your product.

the optimal price

The price is hot. The success of your product stands and falls with the price.
Based on clear facts and market conditions, we determine the optimal price that your customers are willing to pay.

the best packaging

USPs, grammage, seals, design, shape and material.
Now you know how your packaging should be designed to convince your customers at the PoS.
sales folder

convincing sales folder

You can’t do without them. We create sales documents for successful distribution and listing in the retail trade.
Isabell Schastok


“I would recommend Leo’s consulting services to anyone who is in the process of product development, USP discovery or target group analysis.”

In order to sharpen our USP and make it more palpable for customers, e.g. at the PoS, in packaging or in new product developments, we consulted Leo. Due to his objective feedback and his experience, we gained valuable insights. His tips for the approach to target group-focused new product development were particularly helpful.

Isabell Schastok, Founders Associate, hoaly-foods.com

The way I work:

Individual one-to-one consultation from anywhere: via Zoom, we work out your market launch strategy in four days. Without technical jargon,, with practical toolsand simple templates to get you there quickly and efficiently. I support you with insider knowledge and email support.
1. Analysis
We We analyse the vision and goal of your brand, find out, what role the products play in this, how they are currently performing on the market, identify strengths and weaknesses and look foropportunities for optimisation.
2. Market and target group

In the next step, we look at the market and the target group and work out a clear product profile that stands out from the competition. We sharpen the USP, positioning, values and vision of your products to make them palpable and attractive for the target group.
3. The test

No risk no fun? That’s fine. But we want to be sure that your products really do become top sellers. To this end, we develop an uncompromising test strategy for your target group. This way you can be surethat your product will convince your customers in every aspect.
4. Conclusion

We bring all findings together and determine which changes you will implement to make your product marketable and ready for distribution.
Leo Beese

Have I sparked your interest?

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Hol dir jetzt den 10-Schritte Fahrplan

Trage dich in meinen Newsletter ein, um die 10 wichtigsten Schritte, die du zu deinem Produkterfolg wirklich brauchst, zu lernen.

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